"Gee, I wish I'd thought of that!" How often do we think it? As easy as it can be to get down-hearted about the state of our industrialized world, engineers are doing many simple, elegant, much-needed things for their fellow human beings by harnessing technology in a way that demonstrates awareness and expresses compassion. Take a look at this astonishingly simple idea that is bringing pure drinking water to the desert city of Lima, Peru.


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  • Lazaarus Nyarumwe

    it is very educative

  • Mitzi Egnatz

    This is phenomenal. I am ready to see this shared and acted upon throughout the world wherever there is this need. Indeed there is beauty and elegance in the mind sets of the engineers and all the stake holders involved that brought this to fruition. Bravo.

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  • Read more about how the UTEC billboard creates fresh water out of air.
  • Ensuring fresh drinking water is really two problems: generating fresh water and then purifying it.  Consider some of the ingenious technologies developed for these purposes.
  • What skills do you have (high-tech, low-tech, or no-tech) that might make someone else's life better?  Go ahead: deploy them! 

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