Shubhendu Sharma urges us to re-think lawns. To create a lawn, you must first remove what is already growing there, bring in non-native seeds, fertilize and water constantly, and use chemicals to prevent "weeds" from growing. Instead, Sharma encourages us to plant biodiverse forests, which have 30 times the green surface area of a lawn. Watch this INK talk to see how this former industrial engineer has devised a means of growing a mature forest in just 10 years. Me, you, plants, insects, animals - we are all connected by the same life force.  We cannot exist in isolation - we can only flourish if we co-exist.


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  • Mary

    I am so glad to see that someone approves of what I have been doing in my yard for the past eight years. I thought I was the only one that was doing this.

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  • Learn more about Shubhendu Sharma's work at Afforestt to create methods that make it easy to plant maintenance-free, wild, and biodiverse forests.
  • Watch how The Forest Man of Majuli Island spent 40 years creating a forest of over 1,300 acres on once barren land. 
  • Plant something green today, be it in a planter, yard, or as part of a volunteer program at a park.

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