We tell ourselves we live in a post-racial society; but that wishful thinking, while hopeful, is also harmful. The reality is far uglier. Racial difference has always been a cause of speculative insecurity and mistrust; and those fears have been actively manipulated over the centuries to cause social, political, and economic violence of well-understood, if astonishing dimension. Watch as rapper Chris Beasley of Dallas, Texas confronts the pernicious racial profiling of our interior thoughts. Chris shows how much easier and happier life is when we treat each other with openness, respect, and common sense -- instead of fear.


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  • Chris Beasley has taken on a major challenge -- and a major social problem.  Follow his thoughts about the battle for a more just, more humane world.
  • Contemporary racism is often subtle and complicated.  Learn more about concepts like "colorblind", "laissez-faire", "symbolic", and "systematic" racism.
  • Don't try to achieve social justice by denying the significance of race.  Get there by acknowledging the pervasiveness and damaging consequences of racial thinking. 

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