What do we really know about poverty? Did you know that there are 1.1 billion people in the world who live on under 1 dollar a day? A group of college students decided to travel to rural Guatemala and live 56 days having only 1 dollar to spend each day. This heart-to-heart documentary shows that people aren't poor due to laziness, lack of ambition or lack of intelligence. It is because they lack things we take advantage of every day. This group of friends believe that each individual can affect and help one single individual, and that this can be a real driver to change the world. Check out how this humbling experiment has made an impact in the life of this beautiful community in Guatemala and in this group of friends.


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  • Check out the Living On One website to learn more about the inspiring work this organisation does; purchase the full film; and help this community in Guatemala.
  • The Living On One youtube channel gives you access to a series of episodes of this inspiring and humbling adventure.
  • Share the fact that there are 1.1 billion people living on under one dollar a day with your group of friends, family, and colleagues using social media or conversations. We must share this tough reality to raise awareness and make a change!

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