The 21-Day Kindness Challenge launched on September 11th. 98 countries. 6000 people. And a collective tidal wave of good that inspired many -- including young rapper-activist "Nimo" Patel at the Gandhi Ashram in India. Nimo wasted no time channeling that inspiration into an infectious music video. "Being Kind" was created on super short notice by an intercontinental crew of volunteers working out of their living rooms. It features footage from all over the world and heart-melting appearances by the children Nimo works with in the slums. Watch, listen, and prepare to smile big at this lyrical reminder that kindness really is "all we can leave behind."


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  • Seb

    Sometimes it is easier to be mean than kind, I pray we all step up our kindness game.

  • Pradeep

    Inspiring ,simple act making life beautiful

  • Reesee

    What inspried me? The message, the melody and the delivery through everyday average folks. Amazing! Thank you and God bless you.

  • Meredith

    Be kind to everyone

  • piera

    to be more patient and kind - thank you!

  • Bea

    It is a message of HOPE. How beautiful to hear during these troubled times throughout the world. Thank you for this powerful message.

  • Daniel

    I had the great pleasure of interviewing Nimo, and the video has just been released! NIMO PATEL EMPTY HANDS INTERVIEW-

  • Vassa

    Ashe. May this be so. Thank you for touching our senses with your creativity...and bringing more light to this powerful message. I have walked and talked this message for years. I feel everything! Here something to share from my journey...when there is someone that is not in alignment with kindness...empathize. Do not let their space become yours. Bring them some light to help them see what you see. Perhaps their darkness is so deep that they are not able to even find their way. Step up to the plate and give it your best shot. Be brave and use what you KNOW. Share where you have worked so hard to get to and allow that energy to permiate your walk. See the opportunities to use your kind heart and amplify your energy by giving. Ashe. with love

  • laetitia

    Watching this video and hearing to the lyrics made me want to spread love around, what simple acts can do in the life of others. A smile, a little heart beating, a hope for better world just by being kind to the others. It shows also how much we can all do in our daily life. Thank you. It is beautiful.

  • Bonnie Cronin

    The world is a mess. If we practice loving kindness we step out of the mess. If enough of us step out of the mess, who knows what could happen

  • Satya

    This video made me smile and my heart feel happy. I enjoyed the lyrics. It made me think of how small acts of kindness can transform into great feelings of contagious joy.

  • Bren

    The reference to God and the focus on the impression we leave after we die. The world is in such disorder now that kindness is sometimes the last thought on people's mind.

  • sanjay

    Great lyrics and saving the horse and dog

  • Ranganath .M

    Very nice continue and spread the message

  • Doreen

    A reminder that we can change the world... one act at a time and that we all young and old can do with a bit more kindness.

  • Susan

    This is so beautiful and the message it holds, thank you <3

  • arlane

    everything about the video is very inspiring. Mubarak ho :)

  • Amos

    Thank you for sharing this today at Karma Kitchen, Washington, DC!

  • Sheri

    Can we download this song somehwere?

  • Sheri

    Awesome video. I try to leave kindness everywhere I go.

  • ruby red

    i really love what this video.

  • Brenda

    I love the variety of ages involved with this video...beautiful music with such a loving message of hope~ thank you, Nimo!

  • jeffrey farrar dean

    Try it, its easy.

  • Kathy manning

    Let me be a light of love to all !!thank you for this beautiful song!I feel gratitude

  • joshua garet


  • BellaDjini

    Altruist...the earth needs more of this , Thank you ,for being u.

  • Renuka Taneja

    its so touching to c small kids also getting into the acts of kindness... we should not get stuck into our daily lives and forget our acts of kndness...

  • madeleen willink

    I feel connected , I feel one, I am confident that I am. Thank you so much for sharing

  • Barb Stout

    Its easy to be kind!

  • Mataji Gauribrata

    Nimo and so many others, are sowing the seeds of love and kindness by worshiping God within humanity. Many religious leaders can preach from a pulpit or chair and we are grateful. In addition to religious leaders in religious paths Nimo shows us the mission hearts of the individuals who in action show love and kindness within all. I pray Nimo and all like minded and like hearted to Nimo spread the love of kindness and make the world a better place by being the change they want to see and not preaching the change they want to see. With God's grace as the water I pray Nimo and all sow seeds of kindness and mission making the whole world there own through light and love.

  • Maria Teresa Pace

    The message inspired me, we need more Loving messages,spread across the globe .

  • Sue Seppivan

    Namaste :-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Bharat Vitha

    Life is too short

  • layla

    united in kindness

  • yash

    Very Energetic Song....

  • Lisa Rutman

    The global connectedness and sweetness. How BEAUTIFUL! Thank you!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for helping my heart to expand some more. My heart is smiling and the rest of me is catching on and smiling, too. :)

  • Julienne

    Made so well.....very inspirational, fantastic..I try to live this...thanks to all who put it together...keep spreading the kindness!

  • Noeleen

    Beautiful, inspiring and hopeful. Loved it. Caught it on a blog, and so glad I did. So wonderful. Noeleen

  • yvonne

    So lovely,If we all pass this on then maybe ! more lovely and kind people will become. I feel grateful that I can now smile and talk with anyone, as I now do. when I was young I was almost dumb with shyness, felt worthless. So even if people don't smile back, it may be because they are too shy or feel unworthy of your smile you are giving them.We live in such a busy hard world, we all need to slow down and look around,there are so many lonely people, just to stop and just say a few words, can not only make their day a bright happy one but can make yours too.x

  • sami

    We can't stop singing this~lmao!

  • Karen

    amazing gift to all of us from you! Thank you <3 you put to words what I try to teach to my yoga students <3 lead with your heart! Kindness is contagious! Absolutely beautiful! Thank you, Namaste'

  • Artur

    Just keep going...there must be a light at the corner...

  • Renate

    It touched my heart an gave me hope that in the end everything will turn out right :)

  • Nancy

    Diversity and sincere joy. It takes so little to be kind. Very inspiring, especially the smiles on the people's faces at the end.

  • Sue

    I have so much to be so grateful for. We take so much for granted,our families,friends and everything we have. The love, joy and passion that is shown in this video is heartwarming . Thank you , I am grateful for the contribution you are gifting humanity with, Love and kindness. Many blessings and Love to you

  • Ana

    The joy!

  • Karina

    I love the diversity... the variety of ages, races, ethnicities, genders, with no apparent preference, seeing all as one, One as all in love, forever, blessed be.



  • Tina

    The love and soul put into the music and the video is amazing and impressive. You can just feel the love oozing from the song.

  • Tony

    The beauty in the eyes, and the smiles of all...thank you so much for sharing your love..:)

  • Sandy

    FANtastic !!!!! :)

  • Cheyl

    The smiles and the way everyday persons just seemed happy singing what they believed

  • Daniela

    Thank you for sharing! So beautiful! The music, the lyrics and the beautiful faces :-)

  • Mohandas

    More than the song, the happiness on the faces were infectious. Great job, thank you.

  • Tammy

    The multitude of faces, young and old smiling for all the world to see! And the simple yet very powerful way of being in our tumultuous world. Being kind to everyone you meet! Awesome and obtainable!

  • Eoj

    Beautiful beyond any words that I could ever beautiful, in fact, that tears flowed freely down my cheeks. Thank you so much, Nimo. :)

  • Jill

    Thank you very much for sharing this video. It made me think of warm fuzzies-)

  • Sethi

    Awesome , Thank you .

  • Stuti

    The words... The spirit... The togetherness... The feelings... Kindness in the air! :-)

  • Shankar

    Summarizes all the teachings my Guru Si Sathya Sai Baba, in one beautiful song...

  • Gillian Bevan

    It was all simply beautiful. I really loves the little hand-sewn hearts that the children picked up. My 12 year old son is going on a mission to Fiji next year with his school and I will now be making as many hearts, like these, as I can before that time so he can take them to the children in the orphanages he will be visiting. God Bless the whole world and help us to be kind.

  • Margie Adler

    The many different faces, especially eyes and smiles. The variety of people singing the the song. The child hugging the tree, the bowl of soup cupped by hands, the beautiful, tiny hearts like candy gems sprinkled here and there...Thank you for the images, music and words.

  • Semora McCampbell

    Everything inspired me...especially the words. I've started my own Kindness Challenge on a personal level. Beautiful seeing the children. Keep doing what you are doing! really inspires others to do "better" and more. Namaste SMc

  • Theresa

    It does not take long or take much to be kind to one another. Simple acts like smiling, saying hello, holding the door for someone, giving a hug, making a card etc. I try to do this kind of thing all the time. People say I waste my time, but I know different. The Dalai Lama and I pray together everyday. Faith makes goodness that makes kindness that makes us happy. Live life to the fullest with love...we are not here long!

  • Georgianna

    Seeing people who love one another...

  • Yvonne

    This video brought tears to my eyes. If everyone in the world behaved with kindness then and only then may we begin to experience PEACE instead of war! I shall continue trying to give of myself each day for as long as I have left on this earth. Thankyou so much Nimo and God bless you everyone.

  • Caryl

    I have always believed in "Paying it forward" and try and be a good person - this just reminded me to make it a daily practice. I am going to privately take the 21 day challenge and document it and extended it over 21 days.

  • Aileen

    I'm about to return to foster parenting after a break of several years. This video reminds me of the ongoing need for kindness, even when it is rejected by angry, hurting children. Thank you.

  • Pam

    It makes me want to get out in the world and do my part to share kindness with others. Thank you Nimo!

  • Suketu

    Oh! This is truly amazing and inspirational.

  • Carolyn

    This is a great video, very inspirational! We should all be inspired to do random acts of kindness every day. Thanks!


    Amazing. Always be kind to everyone around you.

  • Bryn

    The spiritual message warmed my heart. I love doing RACKing (random acts of kindness)- got an idea of putting flowers in an unknown mailbox. Can't wait to show my sons & spread it virally! Thanks for the video and the CHALLENGE!

  • Sangeeta

    I love this am sharing it with everyone I know. Thank you Nimo :)

  • Tracey

    Beautiful. Thank you so much x

  • Tejash Modi

    Fantastic day begin with this beautiful clip on kindness...amazing...truly inspired...

  • Bryan Plymale

    in the end all we leave behind is kind

  • TakeAStandForGood

    So lovely. All the way around. Enjoyed every smile.

  • Beatrice

    Amazing reminder of how love is a universal language... Words are not even necessary. Love and kindness... the greatest gift we can give to one another. Thank you for the Kindness Challenge.

  • IamBullyproofMusic

    This is beautiful beautiful beautiful beautiful. And not only that, it is beautiful :-) Thank you!

  • Anne

    True, true, true! Even if you think you're nobody and have nothing - this is something YOU can do to make the world better, to bring us closer to our good and loving Future.

  • Looking Up to Him

    Wonderful. Overcome evil with good. Be kind. Today.

  • Vilas

    It is really inspiring video,seen that God speaks one language of kindness through different people.

  • emanuel

    A melodious global infussion of cultural divercity,resonating an infectious good karma of warmth.Ah-men.

  • Vernita

    one small act at a time is all it takes to give another one hope. if we all showed our hearts, then kindness would be left behind. what strong words.

  • Amber Goode

    I am inspired by this video especially because all of the diverse faces I saw smiling and singing along to the lyrics...It makes me more hopeful for our world. Kindness is all we can leave behind. Starting now, I'm going to consciously be a kinder person.

  • Monark Trivedi

    Kindness is all we have to leave behind! These words have so much strength in it and it gives positive energy to live and spread happiness around! Thank you all for being kind and filling this universe of ours with kindness :)

  • Rajen Sukhadia

    I am truly impressed with the presentation bringing togather people of the World. The music is flowing well with images. The message is universal for doing our part showing KIndness to all creation. Congratulations to all involved in this project. Nimo you are fantastic !

  • OM-GRP

    First comment states "KINDNESS is Legacy", after hearing this song this legacy is awakened in many hearts and it certainly did in my heart.... Let us all make this legacy a reality to leave behind.... world will be a better place to enjoy!

  • Ruchika Raval

    The idea such as this has been explored from time to time. What was wonderfully inspiring about this is the diversity on people on the clip. The urban, tribal, white, black, young, old. It was gloriously plural with a singular message. KINDNESS Is a Legacy.

  • Vishal

    The images from people around the world reminding us that we are all similar - we want to be treated with kindness.

  • Betty Neal

    An amazing movement that is so simple! "Being Kind." One of the many lines that caught my attention is "when you are serving man, you are serving God in disguise." We are ALL children of God, are you doing your part to support this belief?

  • Ale

    Help others be the diference!!

  • Amy

    Everything! The mere fact that it raises one's consciousness to the fact that we can do this, for each other!

  • petra

    Spread kindness in everyday ordinary things and it will touch others and when you see kindness make sure you acknowledge and encourage it as it changes the world!

  • Dee

    Everything. So beautiful.

  • kerstyn porsch

    We need kindness to stay connected to the root of our being!

  • Juli

    So many smiles reaching out helping other as it should be. Taking no thought about ones color skin, religion, gender, age etc. We all have hearts that that bring us pain sometimes. Great message...Lets all spread a little more kindness today! Thanks for the inspiration!:)

  • V.P.Dua

    your creater has been kind to you,pledge to be kind to HIS creations

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