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In this corner of South East Asia, a diverse group of people from different backgrounds in nationalities and professions work together to put food on the table for those who are in need. This 100% volunteer-run organization not only cooks up 3000 appetizing meals daily but also arranges tuition payments for school children and bereavement services regardless of race or creed.


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    the gesture tserve.

  • Naheed Sultan

    Warms the heart to know all is not lost....compassion is not dead...yet....Blessings from the Entire Universe for the wonderful ,kind volunteers.....one's life becomes....feels.....more Worthy,when one is able to participate in work which brings help,relief to the needy.....the suffering......

  • Jacquie Jenkins

    The diversity of the helpers the delicious food and the smiles....bet you have heard that before. we have been to and love Singapore and would dearly love to visit again thanks for the inspiration Jacquie

  • Liang

    Very inspirational video. To know that there are kind people who're willing to spend time and energy to care for others, without expecting anything in return. Way to go Singaporeans !

  • Avril Mesh

    I grew up in Malaysia and visited Singapore many times as a child with my parents. I had the honour of knowing Lee Kuan Yew'S aunties and visiting their homes. Singapore is a wealthy country and to know this is happening warms my heart greatly.Bless you all for this amazing work.


    how happy these volunteers are to be helping to feed thousands daily!!! bravo

  • steve zimmett

    I word at the Christian Food Bank and we give food twice a week to the needy, Certainly not 3,000 but every one appreciates it. This was very inspiring

  • Pedro Pinheiro

    My heart is singing! I don't need to be original. I'll just borrow Jackie's wise words. In response to your question: "Willing Hearts relies heavily on donations from individuals, food companies and other charitable organizations." copied and pasted from their website. My heart is singing!

  • Jackie O'Brien

    What inspired me most about this video was the lack of credit taken as a whole by any particular house of worship or faith denomination. Love feeding love (or God feeding God) seems to be the core principle at work here. How do they get all the food?

  • Joe Jeyaseelan, CMF

    Amazing! There is a place in everyone's heart that longs to be compassionate!


    I want see the live video movie

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  • Read what propelled the founder of Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen to supply food to the needy.
  • Learn more about the organization that brings us amazing true stories which foster positive change in Asia.
  • How should we, as a society deal with food wastage within our community?  Contact your local food banks such as Second Harvest Food Bank for extra help and donations.

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