Keri Keifer and Jocelyn Jackson found cooking as a way to create change by engaging their local community while nourishing their creative souls at the same time. Their distinguished catering company in Oakland, California, sources from local farmers and community gardens. Grace Hearth provides soul-warming foods which expresses their passion for bringing people into their hearth to nourish them with delicious food and authentic dining experiences.


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  • Tracey

    "care-take the entire space" I love those words and that philosophy!

  • Violeta

    I love everything about the video -- how they use foods grown locally, how they smile, how they implement music and dancing to lighten the atmosphere. I especially love how they give thanks for the food, reminding us to acknowledge how blessed we are. The entire video was beautiful and inspirational!!! {{{I want to send them a ton of hugs for they are doing}}}

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    love that you both share your hearts so much. May we all be mindful of how/what we eat and bless the food and everyone who helped bring it to our tables. HUG

  • Kami

    How can there be any "soulw-arming" when it is based of death and suffering of countless beings? how can you nourish anyone with agony and death of countless children??? think again... 'As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap the joy of love.' Pythagoras

  • Sheila

    Wonderful video. Wonderful people!

  • Keri

    What a sweet surprise for us to be highlighted here...thank you DailyGood! We're currently knee deep in homemade apricot BBQ sauce, sunflower seed pate, chocolate beet cupcakes, roasted rose geranium strawberries, Thai Peanut chicken skewers and we're feelin' the love as we head out to nourish a 4-day retreat on Angel Island (SF Bay) <3 To learn even more about us, visit us on Facebook here:

  • kindmind

    The love and energy put into the food - being free and light - shining.

  • ellen

    What inspired you about this video?The love of cooking and the the sharing of their love. It shines through! As a chef (in the loosest way)and lover of cooking I admire their project. Keep at it.

  • Earline

    Two intelligent beautiful souls shining through......inspiriational. Thank you for sharing and brightening my day.

  • Cynthia Thompson

    I love it ......freedom with love through food and serving. Thx, Cynthia

  • Mario

    A really great idea & video! All of your passion in having this spulwarming-food it´s been showed :-)

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  • Check out the inspiration behind Grace Hearth and sample some of their delicious recipes.
  • Bring awareness to what you eat at every meal by following the guidelines on the Seven Habits of Mindful Eating.
  • Channel your inner muse by doing your favorite things and sharing the gift with others, such as cooking your favorite meal with a friend and family...

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