"...one of the most dangerous things that can happen to us as individuals, as organizations, as a community, is the feeling that we don't matter." In this TEDx talk, education consultant Angela Maiers contends that two words - "you matter" - can change your mood, your mind, your heart, your life, and even, the world. "The significance of our lives is dependent on how other people see us." She asks us to tell people that we notice them and value them.  It might just change their lives, and ours.


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  • Patricia

    THIS is what we need in this world, This world is drowning in technology, no humanity. PLEASE people WAKE UP. The simple things of life are what important!! I want to meet and see people! I don't want everything online.....it is a cold, lonely world. LOOK, SMELL nature,,,,get out there in the hills, pastures, open space, forests, get off the couch and TURN OFF the TV!!! YOU have a better life awaiting~ YOU MATTER!

  • Deven

    This video inspired me to love myself, and to see others for their potential.

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  • Learn more about (and join!) Angela Maiers' crowd-sourced community for social good: Choose 2 Matter.
  • Read this interview with Seth Godin on the "Art of Noticing, and then Creating."
  • Carry a notebook for one day and take note of everything you notice during your day. Then tell people about the impact they had on you.

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