A man stands on a sidewalk, waiting to ask passersby a single question: "Are you the favorite person of anybody?" Remarkably simple, yet profound its implications, this script, penned by indie phenom Miranda July, asks viewers to take an inward glance at their own lives. With subtle direction and wonderfully quirky performances, the film was also recently selected for YouTube's online screening.


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  • Brett W Pelham

    I loved this film because I think it intentionally illustrates how clueless we all are about whether we are anyone's favorite person. It also illustrates some of the most important principles of good survey research by violating them all (and surely this was done on purpose). It is also a great example of research on social influence and the deep human need for connectedness. In short, this film is brilliant at many different levels!

  • yesman

    oh my E MAIL is this doheop77@nate.com <------------

  • yesman

    if theres anyone has orighinal script of this movie , send it to me plz plzplz

  • isha

    Very touching... Yes, I am the favorite person of my very closest friend. I want to be the favorite of many people around me. If no one likes you then the life becomes very tough and you might feel alone in this world.

  • Tammy

    This really does make you think but I had to sit think "is anyone MY favorite?"

  • Sham

    good! It gives some food for thoughts!

  • Joe

    Typing through tears. . . Come away, Oh human child to the waters and the wilds, with a fairy,hand-in-hand. For the world is more full of weeping,than you can understand. Yeats

  • windhorse

    wowow! very powerful! and brilliant. i'd love to see/hear more responses...

  • Swansinflight

    Yes, I am. I'm certain I'm the favourite person of one person I know. And just one is enough for me. I'm grateful for this. Thank you for bringing this into my consciousness.

  • Sandi

    How sad the world would be if we weren't the favorite person of anyone! I am several people's favorite person and I know that to be certain. I know that if I left this world tomorrow I would be missed by these people. I feel very sad for people that aren't a favorite to someone or don't have a favorite someone in their life.

  • jaydee

    Made me sad...I cried. Very certain it would take some time before I was missed if I left. I wish I had the confindence of Terry. Or the attitude of the person named 'me' whom it didn't affect as they didn't get the point.

  • EP

    It makes me think, then it makes me cry. We don't often take opportunity to evaluate our relationships so simply and directly. Thank you.

  • Terry

    yes! I am the favorite person of myself. And I am very confident of this statement. Who would of thought of such a inspiring question. love & peace

  • Sunitha

    Its very very inspiring... n Marvalleous.. !!

  • MEG

    It's very inspiring! If you're already someone's favorite, great! If not you may need to make some changes...

  • me

    don't get the point of it - at all

  • crisch lunday

    what if you're not anybody's, except for my mother with whom i'm certain of. what's the evaluation for this? i'm a mother of four...

  • pablo nolla

    beautifull, simple, honest... full of wisdom, energy, faith in homan being... thank you so much!

  • Rajinder Singh


  • ducksliketoswim

    I think I'm someone's favourite person.

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