A film by Team Infinity.

A short, award winning film titled, The Wings of Joy, follows a young boy on his quest to save money for a coveted sports jersey. Allow yourself to be surprised by the kindness, joy and connection the film portrays.


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  • Jagdish Shukla

    A very good act of kindness

  • Giddi

    Beautiful message about act of kindness from a young man!

  • pragya

    thanks , thisis great initiative to kindness

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys! Yup, everything we do has an effect...every seed of hope counts...so glad that we have this understanding..."angels of change"! Great film...be well and encouraged...heal the world! peace

  • tb yap

    Big countries fighting over small islands, risking lives of their own citizens over ego and money, what a shame. God don't care how great we become, He only wants to know how good we have become when we return. Very often, the greatest giver on earth gets the worst treatment, even from ordinary folks. They get calls like cult for example. There are cults but there are also real masters. Real masters are so rare on earth, people think there is no such thing. Jesus was not the only master who was crucified.

  • Linda

    Made me cry.. Let's all do it!!

  • Bilkis yusuf

    What a wonderful act of kindness,we all need to learn from this to make this world a better place to live in

  • jeffrey farrar dean

    Its more than just "Paying It Forward".

  • Gagan

    Really great message delivered by kids, which perhaps the adults have forgotten.

  • Avigdor

    The world is a better place when we, human being....being human. It Is not about how material things touch our heart... but how our heart open & touch another heart... thanx for this inspire film. love & light <3

  • Royston

    My desires are someone else's wants

  • Saren

    This film reminds me to believe in the power of kindness. It shows how much we receive when we give from an open heart and how they are one and the same.

  • Pat

    What inspired me was the young boy's focus on saving to purchase what he thought was greatly valuable. Then, when he noticed a boy unsuccessfully working (saving) to be paid, he either consciously or unconsciously decided that helping another person was more valuable than an object he valued.

  • Geoff

    Very nice, we should all be so observant and act with kindness!

  • JJO

    This is what all Believers in GOD & Jesus Christ should have in their mind to do each day; helping starts with one & grows.

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  • Send over a note of appreciation to Team Infinity, the filmmakers, for showcasing the power of a small act of kindness via the Yes, I Am The Change, film competition.
  • Start a Movement of Kindness at your school, in your neighborhood, or at work with some Smile Cards.
  • Today, pledge to do one act of extraordinary kindness for a stranger, a friend, or a family member. 

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