Children learn Vipassana meditation, or insight meditation, in over 40 centers around the world. This technique is used as a compass to help calm the mind and give the children a sense of peace and direction.


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  • Celina Benon

    Living on the surface is a superficial way of living life, Meditation helps us to go deeper within ourselves. What a beautiful thing to teach our children to meditate, our kids spend 12 years in school but they don't get to learn this kind of powerful tools for them to deal with life's challenges such as stress, anger, depression, etc. I wonder what will it take for our schools to include meditation as an optional course. It will only help develop more well rounded human

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  • Learn more about Vipassana meditation.
  • Show your kids -- and yourself! -- that a "time out" can actually be a very good thing.
  • Vipassana focuses on "seeing things as they really are." Whether you meditate or not, work with this idea today -- and explore what happens.

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