Johannes was shivering at the bus stop in Oslo, Norway, because someone stole his jacket. At least that was the story the boy told people at the stop. But Johannes’s jacket was never missing, and his story was not what it appeared to be. Instead, the young actor was part of a social experiment, recorded on hidden camera, as part of a mission to raise awareness for displaced children in Syria. People are sympathetic towards refugee children, but would their compassion extend towards one of their own? Watch this video to see what people did when they saw Johannes was cold …


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    Yes, we can still have faith in people! Yes, we still want to help each other and extend a helping hand to someone in need. And yes, we hope that if our time comes, that others will extend us a helping hand.

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  • Who is SOS, the charity behind this hidden social experiment?
  • SOS is not the only charity gathering winter clothing for Syrian children.
  • When you do your spring cleaning, think ahead for winter by donating any used clothing such as gloves, hats, scarves, or sweaters.

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