People like Gordon Hempton are as rare as the sounds he captures. Gordon is a "soundtracker" who goes hunting for sounds heretofore unheard; sounds that are unique; portraits that deliver the truth about a place. "There is a deeper way of listening. When you are really listening, you aren't trying to hear what you want to hear, but you're just being there." This trailer for the documentary on Hempton's attempts to record the vanishing sounds of nature re-awakens our awareness of the world's changing landscape and the things we are losing in our push to progress.


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  • Read more about Gordon Hempton, his issues with hearing loss, and why he continues to champion silence and fight noise pollution.
  • One Square Inch is a sanctuary for silence in Olympic National Park. It is possibly the quietest place in the United States. Have a listen to the silence.
  • Spend some time in "nature" even if it is in your backyard or neighborhood park and open yourself up to really listen for a few minutes. What do you hear?

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