How would you support a friend recently diagnosed with cancer? Watch as a group of family and friends gather together to surprise Gerdi McKenna in an unexpected show of love and support after her recent diagnosis of breast cancer.


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  • judy levine

    How blessed she is to have so many loving and supportive friends especially when she's so vulnerable! She must be a amazing woman for her friends to give up their vanity for friendship!!

  • Neeti

    Tears needs guts to display such love!!! Girls you are brave....your friend is so blessed to have you!!

  • Deepak

    Love of the highest order . Gerdi must be a beautiful person and I wish her a speedy recovery . you are blessed .

  • Margaret

    So moving and inspiring. Such love and such a demonstration of love!

  • Rita

    The Lady G. is surrounded by so many beautiful,brave women. This story of love in action melted me. The Lady G must be an extraordinary soul to elicit so much love. Blessings and healing to you my dear Lady G.

  • Tanja

    I'm with Sundi - crying like a baby after watching this. The sincere wish to experience a tiny bit of what their friend Gerdi was going through and to walk a few steps in her shoes seems such a moving and beautiful testament to friendship and the sisterhood. The compassion and the willingness to seek humility...awesome.

  • Mary

    The endless flow of love

  • Kevin R Hutchinson

    I had the opportunity in my life to konw one of the strongest women I've ever met and to know that she turned 22 years old this year just makes me smile. You see I met her when she was 4 years old and fighting cancer. When her hair went away she was heartbroken, and because of how her parents were raising her, she was not allowed to wear a hat at the table (christian belief) to which I hold no ill will against Chris who was doing the best as a single parent with shared custody as he could. At that time, I had met Chris while attending university. So at supper one day she was told she wasn't allowed to wear her hat at the table and it broke my heart to see the look in her eyes. The next day at supper though was a different story. When she was told to take her hat off at the table she said "But how come everyone else gets to keep their hat on?" It was then that Chris noticed there were more hats than usual at the tables surrounding ours (including me). I said "Just for you, I will take off my hat!" And when I removed it and placed it on the table she lit up and as more and more people (27 of us in total with 6 gals) all bald to the noggin she was just giggling. It didn't take much coaxing for my fellow alumni 18 years ago to shave our heads for Chloe and with the look on her face, the smiles and giggles it was so worth it to keep our heads shaved until her hair grew back. I had such a close bond with that kid that I will also never for as long as I live forget the day she came to me and said "I needed to tell you something before I told anyone else... I got my last poke today!" Chris smiled and confirmed that Chloe needed me to know about it before anyone else (even mom)!

  • Barbara


  • Shane

    Locks of Love, you can feel the loving energy. Gerdi~ may the showers of love and joy surround you always.

  • Yogesh

    Just that there is always hope. That ManKIND is KIND. That when we are loving we receive LOVE. That when we are friendly we receive friendship. When we are Kind we get kindness. As a world we are moving in the right direction

  • pappu

    very touchy. my tears are flowing. beautiful friendship and love.

  • Sundi

    I'm crying like a baby after just finishing this. Why? The women themselves said it all. Gerdi must be a remarkable person to have so many remarkable friends. I wish her a full recovery.

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