Robbie Stokes sold all he had, packed a couple of bags and embarked on a journey that took him to countries all over the world. “My mama said, don’t talk to strangers. What if she is wrong?” Robbie’s mission has started a movement – “I Talk To Strangers” - that is connecting people worldwide, one relationship at a time, through conversation.


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  • Julianna ( J.T. ) Torres

    My name is Julianna, i toured with robbie stokes in 2013 around the united states meeting strangers and speaking to groups of children and adults in many states. I have always felt comfortable talking to strangers because i always knew that strangers are just friends you have yet to make. The world needs more communication- especially with the growth of technology. We spend more time with our heads down and eyes on our phones than we do lending a hand and starting a friendly conversation. Start a conversation with a stranger, you never know- they may be the person who will change your life forever.<3 Namaste to all of you beautiful strangers. I hope to meet all of you one day.

  • Lucia Mokabane

    I met my boyfriend as a stranger and that stranger is the one who is bringinging the best out of me. He's a congolese and am a south african .

  • david

    Simple & effective action, ego-less. Beautiful.

  • Sharron

    Robbie Stokes is inspiring! Loved this, 'if you don't talk to strangers how do you make friends?'Beautiful

  • Jenifer Strauss

    I am a storyteller who tries to help others tell their story and listen to the stories that others tell. When we listen to each other's life stories, what we think divides us dissolves and we see that at the core of humanity, we are unique in our life experiences but we are all the same in how we experience life! One-on-one interaction with others where true listening occurs can heal us. Thank you for this important work and message.

  • cecile andrews

    He's absolutely right! Cecile Andrews, author of Living Room Revolution: A Handbook for Conversation, Community, and the Common Good

  • Rachel E. MacDonald

    Wow. I talk to strangers too! I loved that he said he's listening to them, he saw that helping the world means connecting the world. That is SO true. Also, that there are a lot of friendly people out there, so we should talk to them so we can make friends and find good people. When we hear people, quietly, they have so many things to say. I've known a couple of quiet people in my life. I learned to get really quiet, so I could allow them the time and pace and safety for me to hear them. I am honoured when people do the same for me. This woman was visiting from New York, this weekend, for a folk festival, in my small city in Western Canada. I smiled at her because she was in another shopping tent with me before and I recognized her, like hey! we're in the same tent again :) We started chatting and she told me about performing and all. Then she said she liked our place here. I thought she meant my city, but she said she likes the clothes. haha. I was like, oh, this isn't my store. I'm just friendly :) Then I realised, probably in New York you don't randomly talk to strangers. But my father and mother did, when I was a kid, so I started to, too. The small town feel of my church was that way, too, old men nudging you with their elbows, imparting amusing insights with a smile, making small talk about the weather or the construction on the roads, or local events. It just makes everyone's heart warmer. So... this is the best thing you know. It's the best thing. We are people. We can talk to each other. "I like to look at people and greet them as we go by. I think human beings should recognize each other's existence." ~ Rachel E. MacDonald. Peace and healing to each of you. Rachel.

  • Lee Correy

    Let me stop crying first, and then I can say: Thank God for you Robbie Stokes. It's the only way to connect - to say hello and find a new conversation.

  • Alan

    It is the spirit of community and a zest for knowing other's stories. The idea that he and others are seeking out a different twist on life. And touching others in a way that many are afraid of...taking a chance and gaining so much.

  • MJ

    I've always believed in what I call the one to one revolution and this man's dream takes it to a much higher level. It's good to see 'following your bliss' in such beautiful action.

  • Barbara whelton

    The openness to meeting strangers while making a connection. Hearing and listening are not the same.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    As we Know Strangers, there are NO Strangers. Here's to reaching out to each other. Listening. Learning and Loving.

  • Gagana

    I love the fact that this guy wants to change the world and I love it even more that he realized that the best way to change the world is by connecting people. This video makes me want to be like him.

  • Susan

    Robbie Stokes, you remind me of Peace Pilgrim. Do you know of her? I love your leading and ministry. I believe that not connecting is harmful--whether with people, God or nature.

  • Diane

    A to strangers...we are all connected...making it happen...a venture outside of my comfort zone...creates a good feeling...for all.

  • sandie

    Everyone wants to be loved and feel special. I think this is such a wonderful thing to do. I talk to people all the time and so far have all positive experiences......john Lennon said it,"IMAGINE" peace is possible one human at a time

  • Chris

    What inspired you about this video? My mother had at least 6 addresses from all over the US and Canada which I did not recognize at all. "Mom, who do you know from Homer, Alaska? Oh, I met her on the bus." Six 'strangers' who shared seats on the Greyhound became 6 long-time friends and correspondents.

  • Badri

    It is also about talking to people in the larger community who would otherwise remain "strangers".... Lovely. Strength to this new ...... habit, I guess.

  • sue

    Oftentimes strangers are friends we just haven't met yet

  • Selma

    Getting over the barrier of fear...

  • David Pearlman

    I am been thinking of this video for a while, and unfortunately, I have more questions than answers. What inspired Mr. Stokes to do this? Was he just burned out from his work and wanted to see the world? (probably nothing wrong with that). Did he have a lifelong curiosity of other cultures? What did he learn? Was anyone hostile to him? Did his race present obstacles? How did he overcome language barriers? Where did he eat, sleep? How did he get around countries? It seems like so many people have used platitudes such as "we all should get along" and "we're basically all the same" that they just don't mean much. The movement around Mr Stokes reminds me of the movement of Forrest Gump when he started running-people are following him-but I am not sure they have given any thought to why.

  • sandy r.

    I believe in being friendly to everyone, just like Robbie. Come from a Hispanic background that helped me think this wherever I go, I smile and talk with just about anyone. Word Battle in Facebook is great for meeting people worldwide...always greet everyone I play with, thank them at the end...joke, uplift, share all thru chatting with them.....and in the long run, I've met wonderful people, I'm the richer one for it! Sandy Cumming, GA USA

  • Nally

    I am from from PR, where our parents taught us,that a stranger can be a friend when you take the time to get to know that person.It all begins with a hello and a sincere smile. We have to go back to basics and yes,it is still true " It takes a village to raise a child"

  • jeffrey farrar dean

    I've been this way my Whole Life! Sharing in the lives and heart aches of others and even sharing a little of me in the balance, its rewarding!!

  • Jpread

    I beleive the whole world is our family, and in my life strangers have helped me.. More than close family.

  • Chirag

    Moving to peace and Love.... Great Idea!!!

  • meetakshi

    That's it right? a return to 'community love'. A community NOT defined or restricted by our geography, religion, culture but by the virtue of "being human". people like robbie are out reminding us how CLOSELY INTERCONNECTED we are. how we dont have some similarities, but we are pretty much the same. Bless his spirit... sure brought me more than a smile. thanx, shukriya, danke, gracias, merci...... <3

  • Emilie

    Being in a place of friendliness, open hearted, trusting ;) miracles happen and by talking and connecting to others you show the world love. I have always talked to strangers since I was a child but This takes it to a whole new level! Thank you! Keep being awesome! Namaste :)

  • Emily

    I love the idea! it inspires people to do good in the world and he has an amazing message …FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS <3

  • Wendy

    Really, it was all and awe-inspiring! I have also talked to strangers all my life and in many countries, but now is the time to talk about what we have in common: Common Ground is so important. Taking care of our Planet, Mother Earth, Terra should be our number one priority; it is Heaven or Eden itself!!

  • Prajna

    I love Robbie's message. I have always made it a point to talk to strangers and I have discovered the most amazing thing--we are all connected! We all have the same hopes and dreams. As His Holiness the Dalai Lama says, "Everyone wants to be happy." Great video, great movement.

  • Joie

    This is the third video I've read this month about people who hit the road to connect and inspire others. It is obviously an idea whose time has come! Who did the video for his travels?


    The late Gene Knudsen Hoffman said: "“An enemy is one whose story we have not heard.” ...THANK YOU ROBBIE!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    One person at a time adds up over time! :) One conversation, one connection, one more open mind, one more open heart! Here's to talking to Strangers. You might enjoy the No Strangers TEDx... We are so much MORE Alike than different, take a few moments to talk to someone and you'll see it's True! <3

  • mar

    It left me wondering if I really can change anything on a global scale by talking to 1 person at a time.

  • Catherine

    Sincere gratitude for making such a huge difference in our world! You are a role model for all ages. Bless you for your courage, determination, and huge desire to know that the way to truly change the world is by connecting with others…one person and one country at a time.

  • Annie Hedberg

    This courageous young man knows the truth: that it is important that we do not regard each other as "strangers" but as to quote another, "friends we haven't met yet." In this time of global climate change when all the world's people must pull together, this man's journey should inspire us all.

  • chris

    I have questions... What did you say to the strangers? Wouldn't they rather be heard? or is that what you mean by "talking to strangers", in which case it should say: I Listen to Strangers.

  • judy

    he is living Gandhi's values....become the change you wish to see in the world!!!!

  • Fiona

    My mother talked to strangers and so do I.

  • Ronnie

    Great- love this idea---I link up in other ways- go for it!

  • Erica

    thank you. very inspiring. <3

  • claudia

    Because I have always believed in the power of connection. I've talked to strangers my whole life. And sometimes, just sometimes, the results are LIFE CHANGING!

  • Liz

    Inspiring. The personal IS the political. Love is a function of communication. We are one.

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