Receiving a cancer diagnosis has the potential to be debilitating, especially for children. However, for Stephen Sutton, it was an opportunity to show others that life is short and that it is important to not let anything stop you from enjoying what you have. Although he has passed, his legacy of living life to the fullest and helping others lives on through those who knew him best. He refused to let his cancer stop him, creating a bucket list to help him experience all he could. People continue to carry on his legacy by raising money for cancer research through the Teenage Cancer Trust. He did not complete everything on his bucket list, but his main focus was to help others.


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  • Stay up to date with what is being done in Stephen’s memory on the Stephen's Story Facebook page.
  • Help raise awareness of teen cancer by getting involved with Teenage Cancer Trust or another organization that does similar work.
  • Create your own bucket list to help you live life to the fullest and encourage others to do the same.

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