Ibrahim Hamato can play table tennis better than most of us … and he doesn’t even use his arms. After a train accident left him a double amputee, Hamato decided he wanted to take up the sport, figuring out a creative way to serve and hit the ball. As a special guest of the International Table Tennis Federation president, Hamato played with some of table tennis’s top champions, showing his skill, agility, and determination. “I hope this shows people that nothing is impossible as long as you work hard,” Hamato encourages.


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  • Siman

    He is an inspiration.Impossible is nothing..you can reach where ever you want if you ought to do so...nothing is going to stop if you are willing not to give up in your dreams or aims in life

  • Ahmad Morad

    Very nice .

  • prakash walunj

    what man can do no one know.you can enjoy life what ever little you have.otherwise we see many people are crying after having everything .TO live life is a Art.This is inspiration to all of us.Salute to Ibrahim Hamato .

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  • Hamato is a two-time silver medal winner of the African Para-Table Tennis Championships.
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  • Sometimes impossible does not really mean unable to be done. It just means figuring out a different way of doing it.

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