"Despite not having any opportunities or anything, we're always trying to figure out a way forward and have a good time. If we don't have something, we make it up as we go." Listen to one of Cuba’s most creative skaters and surfers, Yojani Pérez Rivera, reflect on how he and his amigos are #livingoffthewall to make the most of the little they have. Skate boarding has allowed Mamerto, as he’s known around the island, and his fellow skaters to develop bonds that go beyond just friendship, and extends to everyone they meet. "You're giving me a smile and I'm taking it. And now that smile - it's yours, mine - it's everyone's."


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  • Find out more about Cuba Skate, a nonprofit initiative that hopes to foster a constructive environment for Cuban youth.
  • Sports and physical education are integral to the healthy development of children and contribute to the holistic development of young adults.
  • Encourage and support a child to pursue a passion for the sport of her choice.

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