Author Tom Mahon has observed the growth of the digital revolution from "ground zero" in Silicon Valley for the last 40 years. And he is alarmed at the way the tools we have created to make our lives better, have taken our lives over, instead. Up until 400 years ago, we lived in a magical world.  Now, we live in a material world devoid of meaning. At this talk at the German-Russian Forum in Berlin, Mahon urges us to go beyond magical/materialistic thinking and move to a world of meaning: everything is interconnected (if you do damage over here, it is going to come out over there).  It is time to take back our tools.


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  • Susan Livingston

    I haven't been this profoundly affected since I discovered Charles Eisenstein. I so appreciate the piercing clarity of Mahon's sharing about the meaning of his near-death experience. When he got to the meaning level, he touched on what I believe are universal threads in the tapestry. I haven't yet rediscovered my own equanimity; I'm still demanding answers about why I had to come back nine months ago, on what would have been my birth mother's 84th birthday. Are we perhaps meant to meet?

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  • Read Tom Mahon's accompanying essay to this video: We've Become the Tools of Our Tools.
  • The World Public Forum seeks to set in motion evolutionary changes in the structure of modern society by creating a space for dialogue among the major civilizations of the modern world.
  • The next time you use a tool (yes, that includes your cell phone), be mindful of how and why you are using it.

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