Sometimes, the human ability to understand each other through words and signs can overshadow the power of stillness. The beauty of silence is that it can be a language of the heart. Animal communicator Anna Breytenbach taps into a deep stillness that exists between her and animals in order to understand and convey their emotions and thoughts. Through her gift, Anna is able to communicate with animals like "Spirit", a special being that felt understood and seen for the first time in his life.


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  • Charlene

    I had a communication with my old Pit Bull Odin. we would sit and just talk through our eyes to each other. I knew what was in his mind. Even when he was sick and dying we knew each other. I believe this with my heart. I felt it with my heart. So true this is. we just have to be open to listen to them.

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  • Watch the feature length documentary about Anna's life and work with animals. 
  • Animals offer such a beautiful and unique perspective of our shared world. Learn how to communicate with them through these online classes.
  • Practice stillness today with a loved one.  The language of the heart needs no words when you bring your entire presence into the space.

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