Caroline McHugh is a student and teacher of human potential because social reformation always starts with individual change. The truly remarkable people are not the ones who make the most money, but the people who achieve what they set out to do - those that have found their unique gift and put that gift at the service of their goals. In this TEDx talk, McHugh uses the analogy of a true mirror to help us find ourselves. Being yourself doesn't dictate what you do but how you do it. When you look at a regular mirror, you look at yourself, seeking assurances. When you look at a true mirror, you look for yourself - you look for a revelation of who you really are. Your job is not to be anything like anybody else. What do you expect from life? What does life expect of you?


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  • Sara

    My life is my message. When we allow our individual note to sing bright and strong we bring our gifts into the world to share with others and help to make the world a better place. Loved the talk - thank you!

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  • Watch this sweet animation on How To Be Yourself - a prescription for happiness in two minutes.
  • Create a No Regrets Project for yourself while you are still in good health - have the courage to be you!
  • Be the best version of yourself you can be!

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