For Andres Amador, the earth is his canvas, literally. Instead of paintbrushes or pencils, Amador uses garden rakes to create beautifully crafted designs in the sand. From his hands emerge bold graphics, symmetrical sequences and organic patterns. The medium of using sand means sustainable designs that come from the earth and return to the earth. While there is no permanence to Amador’s art, he does not feel a loss after the tide reclaims his work — he feels complete.


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  • Valery

    The innovation of his artistic mind, but more so the ability to "let go". Thought there must be a better use for drones than spying. Fantastic notion.

  • Ingelise S. Jensen

    What a beautiful human being and soul - with a footprint as light as an angel's you see it, and then it's gone, leaving a permanent imprint on my heart - of blissful impermanence and change....what my own soul is constantly urging me to know and be, over and above the willfulness of my mind.

  • Patti

    This man's inner being, his soul, his spirit, his sense & depth of our universe. Sheer brilliance. I would like to get inside his mind. To reach this inner peace.

  • Vonnie

    The video made me smile. How talented and how beautiful. People 'playing' in the sand and having such fun. I think we should all stop now and then and do likewise. Thank you.

  • Rosanna

    What inspired me is that the artist thought out of the box and instead went within to find his niche in the world, which allows him now to inspire and help others.

  • Esther Tanahashi

    What inspired me? The process, the sharing, the beauty and the impermanense! It's like a huge drawing board and every time the waves come, you get a new canvas!

  • Mona Wolfert

    Andres shows and shares his deep connection with nature. Free yourself to play, let go, such a valuable lesson. And then the clincher for me was...all that work, time and effort taken back by the ocean. My dad used to say "There is nothing more permanent in life than change". I used to hate it when he said it, but Andres's lesson here is to indeed let go...tomorrow is another day. :)

  • Loni Todoroki

    I've seen an older man do this who did "realism" as well...I was surprised that it was a young man with some of the same philosophy. BOTH extremely inspirational. Everything not fear, but rejoice in it!

  • Keepthefaith

    "Find you joy and then you will find your bliss" It's out of joy that bliss comes. Beautiful share.

  • Gary Meader

    The phrase ' given the freedom to play '. I think we have within us a need and ability to create..all we need is permission to do it. We give that to ourselves.

  • tatjana

    While making these designs people are happy. And Andres shares his joy with others. That's great sharing and inspiration for me to make something for others and enjoy doing it. That is the way to belong and to have at the same time.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    What inspired you about this video?I love the use of technology as well.... how we can then see beyond the initial landscape and up above from a different perspective. <3 As well as how Andres shares the workshops with others, to share that art form. <3 When we share with others and share our joy, wow, yes, it can become the bliss! Here's to non attachment and feeling complete!

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    The impermanence of the beauty shared, the simplicity of using sand and surf. The creativity and the heart and soul shared. <3

  • Donald MacWatt

    The freedom to connect to and with elements of life that are also free. To express beyond the commercial judgement. To expand the creative experience exponentially and then let it go to do over again the next day. A sense of purity of being through expressing the beauty that lies within back to the world and to share it freely. To release that beauty.

  • Christine

    The artist's journey to be in touch with his passion and connection with the earth. The beauty of his creations and generativity in teaching others to enjoy their creativity and the earth in this way, as well. Thank you.

  • Jo Sanders

    His comment stating "When we focus on our joy, it becomes our bliss" brought a smile. Impermanence and non-attachment are the keys to my balanced mind. I am grateful for this lovely reminder! Thank you.

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  • See more of Andres Amador's earthscape art.
  • For artists, there is a growing trend towards sustainable practices in art culture.
  • “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ― Pablo Picasso

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