In a time when most food travels hundreds of miles to reach the table, "Plant This" gives us a look into an important alternative -- urban farming. The farmers showcased in this film are committed to growing food for their local community, however densely populated. Growing food on rooftops and on abandoned blocks, these farmers creatively re-purpose the urban landscape and invigorate their local food system. "Plant This" shows us how the work of these farmers helps heal our ecosystem and our earth.


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  • Visit a local farmers market to reduce the energy used to transport your food. Check out National Farmers Market Directory for a market near you.
  • If you live in or near a city, volunteer at a local urban farm!   Or if you are ready to start an urban farm yourself, visit UC Berkeley Urban Farming for new farmer resources.
  • Try out urban foraging for a taste of urban farming. Do you have a fruit tree on your block whose harvest goes to waste? Ask your neighbors if you can pick the harvest and share the bounty with your neighborhood!   

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