Sharing requires no sacrifice. In fact, the miracle of sharing can actually deepen the connection we have with ourselves. Chad Brownstein's short film gives us a glimpse of what the world looks and feels like when we step out of our comfort zone and give simple acts of kindness a try. Something as easy as giving up a seat on a crowded bus to an elder or offering to feed a man who appears down on his luck can open the heart and attune us to the abundance around and within us. The stress of the daily grind can be dissolved - if only for a moment - by one simple act of kindness. A thoughtful gesture has the power to transform someone's day for the better, and that someone could be you. So instead of walking by a person in need or getting irritated at the woman holding up the grocery line, breathe and take a moment to see the situation through a different lens, one of compassion, kindness and service. Because we all benefit from the kindness of strangers, one way or another.


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  • Lesli Lee

    The beauty of the human heart--both to give, and to receive, with gratitude. Thank you for the lovely film, and reminder of the power of kindness.

  • S.C.S.

    It's the aloha spirit. Thank you.

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  • Check out more simple acts of kindness Chad has documented on video.
  • Research different ways to approach simple acts of kindness and try on one you feel might fit.
  • Kindness begins at home. Go a day without criticizing or judging yourself. Before you go to bed reflect back on how this day was different from most days.

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