"A simple act of caring creates an endless ripple." Grab some tissues and watch this story of the ripple effect of kindness.


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  • Alice P.Rascio

    This is an awesome video and a real lesson of life to be generous and kind to others along life's pathway. "All things happen for the good to them that Love God" Romana 8:28-29

  • C. Marinnie

    The care for the child, and the parents struggle.


    "REAP WHAT YOU SEW " (In ten fold or more... HOW TRUE THE SAYING IS !!!)

  • Ted

    I reminded me of the endless circles in my life, our lives, and gave me a deep wash of emotional energy, made me cry for and with the circles in my own life now...

  • Jo

    Through our kindness toward others, we are uniquely and powerfully blessed and enriched. Like forgiveness, it benefits the giver in greater ways than the receiver

  • elaine spreitzer

    Simplicity brings tears and joy.

  • Harsh Sharma

    love and feeling of love, equality and believe in god.

  • khajen

    Yes, I do ! But it's too hard to operate in a country like mine :-(

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Every time I see this it reminds how very important compassion, kindness and caring is. Here's to loving each other and giving whatever we are able; and often it costs us nothing. Hugs from my heart to yours.

  • Cynthia

    To live daily with kindness for all in your heart.

  • Neen

    Beautiful, and a good reminder.

  • Vicky

    So beautiful..there are no words.

  • Chris

    It reminded me of a similar incident from my childhood when I was taught that giving and receiving is the same....both are blessed! What a wonderful New Year reminder!

  • Linda

    So very touching. If 2015 can bring any good changes into our lives, it would be wise to follow this suggestion. Let us begin to create ripples!

  • Gail

    A touching testament to the kindness and compassion within us all.

  • emanuel(mano)boyd

    This video is presented in a simple format so that everyone of us could appreciate the very valuable message, regarding Kindness,Compassion,unselffishness,and Love for our fellow Human Beings. Yhanks !!!!

  • Brian

    Thanks Guys!!! Great one...We start the kindness ripple at home (inner peace is free),and we pass the kindness we can afford on...eternal love...peace

  • Cathy

    Kind hearted people, also to accept the offer with grace, beautiful

  • Oscar

    Wonderful!!! This is our voice to the future: Live and let live!!!

  • Evelyn

    How could you not do this.

  • Sophie

    wanted to watch something inspirational ...


    very nice I m so inspired

  • Teresa

    How wonderful we humans can be when we help each other .

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  • Learn more about the Care & Share Movement, supported by over 200 voluntary service organizations in Singapore.
  • Visit KindSpring.org, a portal dedicated to small acts of kindness. Share and read stories of kindness, participate in a 21-Day Kindness Challenge, learn how to play the pay-it-forward game...
  • Whether it's holding the door open for someone, or picking up litter on the street, even the smallest gesture can make a difference. Create your small ripple today.

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