A film by The North Face.

For Stacy Bare, joining the military after completing his ROTC program at the University of Mississippi seemed like a natural step. However, after serving in Iraq, Bare returned home disillusioned, lost and struggling with alcoholism and post-traumatic stress disorder. Unable to repress his trauma, Bare was contemplating suicide. Then a friend stepped in and asked him to come along for a climb. The result was a profound awakening within Bare. Not only did climbing help him achieve a new purpose, but it also gave him a fresh identity beyond being a veteran. Today, Bare is actively encouraging others to explore and find meaning in the magnificence of nature.


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  • Visit Stacy on Twitter to see how he is helping veterans today.
  • Sierra Club Outdoors focuses on assisting veterans to get outdoors and explore with fellow vets.
  • Take the time to allow the healing power of nature in your life. Visit your local park, go for a hike in the woods, or explore nearby rivers and lakes.

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