Soccer is a sport that is enjoyed all over the world. Nations come together to attend the World Cup, uniting people from all backgrounds in a common interest. When Jon Burns attended the 2004 World Cup, he saw how many people were drawn together and had the epiphany that the huge crowd could do so much good for the country in which the World Cup is held. He founded Lionsraw, an organization that brings people to the World Cup to watch games, but a huge block of time is dedicated to helping local charities and children within the host country. The World Cup may only last for a short while, but those involved with Lionsraw see their work as an long-term investment in the place they are helping.


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  • Learn more about Lionsraw and get involved with a project near you
  • Learn about charities worldwide and find out how you can help out. 
  • Ask a sports team near you if they would be willing to dedicate a game to a cause important to your community. 

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