​"I do not separate my music from my heart nor do I separate my ideas from my daily life. I open myself up to learning as much as I can about humanity and this mysterious life experience... Moment by moment, I integrate what I learn into my personal life, personalizing my politics. It is from this personal place that I write my songs." Holly Near is an activist, singer-song writer who uses her voice to remind us that we are truly one. In “Souls are Coming Back,” a gorgeous anthem to our planet and those working to save it, Holly leads us on the journey of millenniums – our journey. With each small act, word, touch and thought – she reminds us we co-create our world and lyrically invites us to,"Put in the fantastical, wonderful, magical, add the romantic, the brave and the wild."


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  • Tesa Silvestre

    I love this song. Nipun, this brings back good memories from the Tipping Point Network days :) Really happy to see this here! I have heard this song so many times via mp3 but never had a chance to actually watch it before.

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  • Learn more about Holly Near's music, art and activism through her website.
  • Think out of the box - ​here are five ways you can put your artistic energy to use​ for the planet.
  • ​​Inspired by Holly's soul-stirring invitation? ​Commit to doing something brave and magical​ today​.​

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