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This video, with words by writer and environmental, social justice and political activist George Monbiot, show us the importance of preserving animals at the top of the food chain. Many people believe that killing whales would leave more fish for us. Monbiot shows us that is not true. In fact, whales not only eat the fish and plankton, they also keep them alive. Among their many benefits, whales serve the environment by facilitating the grown of plant plankton, which in turn, absorbs carbon from the atmosphere. More whales = more fish and krill. More whales are good for both the sea and the atmosphere.


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  • Ankur

    So whales are the bees of the ocean. :)

  • Angelight

    That is the question - how to be a sustainable human? Is it possible for us to learn?

  • Miriam Rieck

    To take a lifetime trip and live on the sea for a year.

  • Erzsebet Major

    Wow! What a big leap for us understanding the interconnection of all life!

  • Daryl

    Leaving to man to want to destroy these great creatures

  • Tanja

    A great reminder about how trophic cascades work and very surprising as to the far reaching impact whales have on the atmosphere. Thank you.

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Very educational. Let's be encouraged. Peace on Earth...1

  • Cammy

    Everything! The knowledge gained will help me in educating family, friends, and coworkers! The importance of the whales and the health of our oceans ecosystem, and how it relates to each and every one of us! Thank You!!

  • Sundi

    Brilliantly done. Please please put this short informative documentary in front of the world's politicians!



  • Anita Ricka

    Everything! I was impressed with the scientific knowledge about the effects of this divine creature, that I love so dearly.

  • Ginny

    Excellent information that I didn't know before. Not only are whales beautiful, but we also need them for a balanced ecosystem. Thank you for creating this video.

  • John Reed

    I am surprised at the extent of the influence whales have in our system. Excellent content in the video, however its effectiveness would be greatly improved if the volume of the background music was reduced, as I had to strain to understand the speaker's words. You really don't need the music.

  • Chad

    Nature is the greatest teacher!

  • Grace

    Surely so. God made systems in nature keep it balanced, but man thinks he can improve on what God created.

  • Karen Mayer

    Every time people choose to eliminate a creature to benefit self, science proves nature is wiser and people are wrong!

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  • Learn more about George Monbiot and read about some of his other ideas.
  • Sustainable Human is a volunteer effort to create and share stories that help us live in harmony with each other and biosphere
  • Did you know that spiders cause trophic cascades in their ecosystems? The next time you come across a spider, usher it outside rather than squash it.

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