Are traits like compassion and empathy recent developments in human history? How did Charles Darwin view these when developing his theory of natural selection? Research by Dacher Keltner of Berkeley University suggests that we are hardwired to care for one another, gaining an evolutionary advantage doing so.


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  • Suzanne Hale

    Nicely done! Loved the combo of graphics, science facts and history, plus the dope on what is essential to us as humans - caring for others - especially children! OH sweet humans, it is time to celebrate our goodness.

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  • Learn more about Dacher Keltner's work by perusing his publications on the Greater Good Science Center.
  • Next time you make a donation or give selflessly, pay attention to your nervous system's response and the chain of effects generated by those feelings for the remainder of your day.
  • The Vagus nerve was described as active when feeling empathy and compassion. Try practicing some of these simple Yoga techniques to activate your Vagus nerve.

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