The Garden Pool, invented by Dennis McClung in 2009, is a miniature, self-sufficient food system. Starting with the harvesting of rainwater in a pond or unused pool, Garden Pool builds an ecosystem to provide nutritious food with very few external inputs. This video highlights the community building that comes with volunteer garden builds and the changes in the community that come from changes from within - from the individual, to the household, to, who knows, the world! #Sustainability.


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  • Gowtham

    Amazing,the future necessity!

  • Julie these initiatives!

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  • Learn more about Garden Pool and how to create your own system with step by step instructions.
  • Let the Urban Farming Guys show you how to establish sustainable communities in the most difficult, blighted areas on earth.
  • Get your hands dirty - feed your body and soul by planting your own vegetables on a window sill, yard or community garden.

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