Bollywood screenwriter Gazal Dhaliwal has lived with deep prejudice and fear in her life that few of us can even imagine. She was born with gender dysphoria. Imagine having to live a façade, to pretend that you are a boy – when you know with your every fiber that you are a girl. These experiences have given fuel for her life and she is on a mission to tell the story of misunderstood characters – like herself. She urges us to put into question – what is normal - and to look beyond appearances to the human being beneath. Gazal shows us how stories can change hearts and save lives. To give hope to others who feel hopeless and to connect all human beings.


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  • Read Gazal’s blog – where she shares hope and happiness.
  • Harvard’s implicit bias test measures attitudes and beliefs that people may be unwilling or unable to report. Take it here.
  • Answer the question – what is normal? Are there hidden biases that prevent you from connecting to other human beings?

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