Dr. Laura Stachel never meant to be a social innovator, and she never imagined working in developing countries. When Dr. Stachel was invited to visit Nigeria in 2008 to find out why so many women were dying there during childbirth, she was flabbergasted to discover that in many areas, women were giving birth without electricity -- sometimes in near total darkness. With her husband, a solar expert, she devised a way to bring light to clinics in Nigeria and other countries with poor infrastructure. Find out how their innovation has had instant and powerful results in clinics around the world. 


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  • Patjos

    This is SOOOO inspiring, thanks for sharing.

  • Mary Beth Davis

    Our church supports St. Rose of Lima Parish and their hospital Hopital Esperance in Pilate Haiti. We are looking at solar options. THIS IS AMAZING! THANK YOU! BLESS YOU! FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS.

  • Lesli

    Caring people, simple idea, courage to make a difference, beautiful story and outcomes.

  • Gowtham

    Saving Lives through Innovation. A true inspiration!

  • Laura Stachel

    Thanks for the coverage and the very kind responses. I am sorry that our website crashed temporarily and appreciate the offer for donations. The site is working now, Sue, and if you have any further trouble, we also accept donations by check at : We Care Solar, 2150 Allston Way, Suite 340, Berkeley CA 94705. Thank you!

  • sue

    Specifically to We CARE Solar: Could not get your website to come up, but know several people who would like to make contributions to your efforts. Please let me know when your site will be up again. Thanks.


    peoples are yet busy in fullfill their fundamental needs and trying to shining them life....Then the human like Laura comes and become the hope of their struggling life.

  • Pradeep Jain

    Thank God that we have such wonderful people, who care about humanity. On the one hand we have idiots who are out to kill innocents for their weird ideas, lust for power and money and on the other who are ready to toil for each and every single life. Truly a wonderful and inspiring life.

  • Garry Combs

    MORE ANS MORE PEOPLE ARE GOING SOLAR ENERGY. We have a station under construction near Shelbyville Kentucky and People have mixed emotions. I say they should go with it. This story was inspirational and hope Solar goes World wide.

  • Frances Herbert-Poma

    Laura and her husband dared to care. There's no greater purpose on the planet than to care and take action to help each other. Thank you for this inspiring example of connection to the soul. Please contact me when you do another training. Bless you and the hubby for your invention and love.

  • john reed

    Such a powerful contrast to what see and here in the news today.


    The humanity and also hope for america...with the all too much negativity in america, I MUCH prefer to see these heartwarming humane stories that light the world and hope that some day may will help us too God Save America

  • Marian Call

    What inspired me is that two people took it upon themselves to make such a difference in the world, no matter the costs to them. Wonderful!

  • Adama Tambadou

    You are doing excellent job, God bless 😊 you

  • steve zimmett

    Dr> Laura Stachel certainly had the right idea

  • Adama Tambadou

    You are very good job, God bless you

  • Julie

    Fantastic! God bless you guys!

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