Dr. Laura Stachel never meant to be a social innovator, and she never imagined working in developing countries. When Dr. Stachel was invited to visit Nigeria in 2008 to find out why so many women were dying there during childbirth, she was flabbergasted to discover that in many areas, women were giving birth without electricity -- sometimes in near total darkness. With her husband, a solar expert, she devised a way to bring light to clinics in Nigeria and other countries with poor infrastructure. Find out how their innovation has had instant and powerful results in clinics around the world. 


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    Fantastic! God bless you guys!

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  • Find out more about We Care Solar and the work they are doing to prevent maternal mortality in countries with poor health infrastructure.
  • Take a look at some of the other "big ideas" the Blum Center for Developing Economies at the University of California at Berkeley has helped support.
  • Think about ways in which you can switch to alternative energies in your daily life. Solar powered garden lamps, bicycling and walking, and hanging laundry to air dry come immediately to mind. What are your ideas?

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