Thousands of foster children across the United States miss out on some of the most commonly treasured childhood experiences. As victims of abuse, abandonment and neglect, their experiences of joy, love and hope are few and far between. Separated from their family and friends, happy memories from birthdays, holidays, and first days of school are often lost. One Simple Wish’s founder, Danielle Gletow is out to change that. Her organization makes it easy for anyone to show these children that they matter, by responding to their simple wishes. Watch her TEDx talk and and join her mission to let these children know their voices are heard.


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  • Learn more about the work of One Simple Wish and how you can get involved to brighten a child's day.
  • Mohamed Bzeek has spent the last twenty years caring for terminally ill foster children. Watch this inspiring film that shows the power of one man's heart.
  • Make time to really listen and connect with a child in your life this week.

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