When Devita Davison returned to her home town of Detroit, Michigan, after her home and business were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in New York, she was horrified to see the effects that the economic downturn had wrecked in her old neighborhood. Davison swung into action with Kitchen Connect. "We're taking underutilized spaces like church kitchens, we're turning them into incubators. Here is where these budding food entrepreneurs can find a safe space, a low-barrier-of-entry space, where they can now test out their product. And then what we're hoping to do is, as they graduate out of Kitchen Connect, they'll go on to contribute to Detroit's vibrant economy."


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  • Find out more about the work of Detroit Kitchen Connect.
  • Take a look at some of the new urban farmers that are supplying their communities and organizations like Detroit Kitchen Connect.
  • How might you re-purpose an underutilized resource?

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