An inspirational collaboration of scientists and performance artists brings home the urgent need for action on climate change and sustainability. The performances engage our emotions as well as our intellects, weaving together a story of natural rhythms with our human rhythms. The work of world class photographers, sculptors, painters, composers and musicians combine with science education in a call to act now on behalf of sustaining our planet.


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  • Kay


  • Eroca

    The collaborative efforts of everyone involved. Seems like a labour of love.

  • Cletus Zuzarte

    Art and Music best brings out reality in a form that moves beyond our thoughts, it goes deeper! May these forms be promoted more and more!

  • Peggy

    When humans come together for the good, they make sweet music!

  • Kathryn Uster

    It is a wonderful video and the idea of working the arts into science is so vitally important. As an educator and an artist, I always saw the connection and used the arts to teach science and math. This is why it is vital for educational systems to incorporate the arts and sciences. As far back as the ancient Greeks, who knew the importance of the Liberal Arts, also knew that all subject areas overlapped. This is what is needed to be a life long learner and understand the interdependence of nature on our lives. Thank you for the beautiful video.

  • Lisa

    First, thank you! As a cello novice, caring human for our planet and its eco systems and an artist at heart - your project touches the soul of my existence and inspires me to keep listening for ways to merge art, music and science in the small town I live. Any chance of you coming here?

  • Harish Dalal

    Knowing the breadth of the society interested in and passionate about preserving not just their art but survival of the planet earth on which each of us live happily and perform our art for the enjoyment of others. We are all working on the survival of planet earth so we may continue enjoying each other. What goes around comes around.

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  • Learn more about The Crossroads Project. Their website includes a wealth of resources on sustainability in the "Make it Yours" section.
  • Join the Citizens' Climate Lobby and find out how you can help address climate change.
  • Is there somewhere you can walk or bicycle to on a regular basis rather than use a vehicle? If so, make this a regular practice.

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