Twice a month for the past decade, Greg Mahle has taken a five-day, 4,200-mile road trip, one that takes him from his home in Ohio, south to Houston, then north all the way to Connecticut and New York, before heading back to Ohio. That’s more than 1 million miles, or 42 times around the world in total. On the southernmost stretch of his journey, Mahle collects around 80 dogs facing imminent euthanasia. Along the way, 250 to 300 volunteers help to feed, water, walk and play with the animals before they are delivered to pre-arranged homes in the north. Mahle’s Rescue Road Trips saves an estimated 2,000 animals from euthanasia each year.


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  • Mindy sigmon

    God bless you! I network dogs and if only we could get more humans like you to help man's best friend,. If only we could get someone in the media to get the word out that are sweet innocent animals are still being gassed in some states. How can we call our self's human when we use heart sticks to kill puppies and muzzle dogs before we inject the poison into them to kill them. If only we had more Angels like you !! God Bless you.

  • Kristin Pedemonti

    Thank you Greg and your team for your kindness, tenacity and compassion. Now we need to work even more on behavior change to prevent these dogs ending up in these situations in the first place, sigh. Hug hug hug

  • Larry

    Need more like Greg, big KUDOS for your small part in giving and helping others

  • Jerid

    Amazing Grace in REAL Life. Thank you, Thank You, Thank you ALL for ALL that you Give, All that you do, & ALL THAT YOU ARE. What a Blessing you have given to me today.

  • Deepak

    Thank you . Compassion at it's best .

  • Brian

    Thanks Team. Way to go Greg and Family. And love to alllll the People who greet Greg and the Dogs along the way. We'll keep shining the light. Peace on Earth!

  • Deborah Oberlin

    You are a truly amazing man Greg! Thank you for your love and compassion towards them. Bless you. Deb

  • Cindy

    Wow. Greg is an amazing person ... as is his wife to support him in this effort. I am in awe. ❤️

  • Catherine Graham

    I am in tears watching this.... what an incredible story! Greg, you are true inspiraton! You are truly a man with a mission. In a time with so much uncertainly in our country, YOU have given me hope. Thank you for making a difference for so many animals and creating beautiful forever families for these dogs. Your family back home is to be truly commended as well. Their support of you is incredible!

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