Mark Bustos cuts hair in an upscale salon in New York City. But on Sundays, his only day off, he roams the streets looking for anyone in need who would appreciate a haircut. What started as a response to the poverty he saw in the Philippines while on vacation, has become a weekly habit of giving back to the people that need it the most. This video is the first in a series that follows Bustos as he interacts with some of the homeless people in South Beach, Florida.


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  • Greg

    It was very honest and direct. He communicated well and seemed to get right to this guys heart. Bravo

  • Claudia

    Thank you for sharing...I am amazed and pleasantly surprised that Mark being such a young person is reaching out to the needed. Unfortunately you do not see many young people reaching out it is the more mature people that tend to start helping the needy. I applaud Mark for his kindness, sensitivity and his love for the human kind. God bless him and continue guiding him.

  • Vivek

    Very touching, thank you for sharing.

  • Cecile

    You are awesome Mark! You inspire others to give back to others!

  • SS in the Blue Ridge

    but a lot of times I'm really scared of street people. I grew up in an inner city neighborhood and got harassed a lot as a kid. Really, I'm scared of most people. Doesn't mean I don't help--but not one on one out in the big world like this. I once told someone who was hallucinating that I was afraid of her. She told me she was afraid of me.

  • les

    Mark's approach to people is human...he is willing to take time and meet them where they are, to give them something that so clearly touches them and lets them feel seen as individuals with stories that include real pain and joy. I appreciate the kindness and warmth he shares with these men.

  • Julie

    Thank you for showing us that everyone has a special gift that they can use to feed the spirit of others- whether a haircut, a smile, or a hug.

  • Jacob

    it was inspiring to me because I remember living on those streets and people not caring. Now that I'm off the streets, I make it a ritual to do things for anyone who is struggling. We only have one life, and one world, let's make it a happy life and a fulfilling one as well as a world of sharing. Mark, you are a great man. We are all brothers and sisters by whatever power we choose to drive us, mine is Earth Mother, yours may be God, Jesus, Allah, or whatever you choose, we're all one race, and that's Human. We need to love one another because life is too short to be angry and hateful. Love always wins.... EVERYTIME !

  • David

    Mark, thank you very much for what you are doing. Helping people in the way you are doing is helping them feel a lot better in themselves. One of my lifes greatest fears has always been that I might end up on the street, for whatever reason, but if I did I would want to meet someone like yourself. God bless you.

  • MW

    Changing lives one day & one person at a time. I think Michael Jackson said it best, "If you wanna make the world a better place take a look at yourself & make the change" Start with that man in the mirror....

  • Diane

    God Bless you, Mark. By your example you are leading others to love.

  • Moose

    Take the time and make the time to make a difference. Love Wins

  • Amy's Villages

    So inspired by Mark, and thank you for the sweet tears! I so agree with Chris' comment about dignity...yes, yes, yes.

  • Anne

    It shows how we could all do something. Look at what is going on around us and feel what's inside that wants to bring a smile. I like going to the train station and buying a warm meal for someone looking through the dumpster. In New York I gave a man some warm rolls and he turned around and invited several others to sit with him at a table and share the bounty. Everyone was smiling and laughing. Totally warmed my heart and still stays with me.

  • Chris

    Beautiful. I love how Mark approaches offering up his skill with humility and with recognition of dignity.

  • Alex

    Thank you for your creative inspiration.

  • ZuVuYah

    To treat homeless people with respect and offer loving kindness is the work of an ANGEL! Mark, may your generosity come back to you a thousand fold and may people watching this video be moved to practice a random act of kindness for a homeless person.

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  • This time-lapse transformation of a homeless veteran challenges the snap judgments we make about people everyday based on their appearance.
  • Make contact with the next homeless person you see on the street - look them in the eye, give a smile of acknowledgement, perhaps even a "hello."

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