Children in school today face more stress than ever before. There are school shootings and other violence, standardized testing, a lack of adequate funding for supplies, and a teacher drop out rate of 46% in their first five years of employment. Many students' brains are so anxiety-filled that they can't retain the information they are given. Here Daniel Rechtschaffen discusses the Mindfulness Schools project which serves 21 schools, both public and private, in the San Francisco Bay Area. They instruct teachers and students on essential skills for learning. These include focusing skills that help a person quiet other disturbances so they can be fully present in the moment and emotional regulation because when a brain is full of stress it does not learn. The result is that participants are increasingly enjoying the learning process. This means that children are more successful in the classroom and less likely to drop out and teachers are more satisfied with their career so they will continue the work so vital to our society.


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