A Film by Chihiro Wimbush & Meena Srinivasan. More at A Lens Inside.

Despite the abolition of the caste system in 1950, Dalits, or Untouchables, continue to be socially and economically discriminated against in rural India. "Touching the Untouchable" highlights the efforts of a new generation of Dalit activists seeking to create a community where clean water, food, education, sanitation and health are accessible to all.This film shows that it is possible, despite seemingly unsurmountable odds, for one person to have deep and lasting impact in the world, and for a community to gain self-esteem and pride through empowerment.


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  • Learn more about Pannavati's ongoing development work with the Dalits in Tamil Nadu.
  • The filmmakers have created a guide for education and engagement with the issues highlighted in "Touching the Untouchable."
  • Challenge a long-held belief you have about a person or group of people. How might you learn more about them?

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