In this joyful video, journey into the Imaginarium of Stonefox (artist Chuck Galvin) and his sidekick T-Ball. Stonefox reminds us that imagination is one of the most useful allies in life and that the heart is connected to everything in the body, especially the mouth. You can't help but smile as you gaze upon some of Stonefox's creations and absorb his wisdom.


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  • Leslie

    I was inspired that creativity comes from the simple, the imperfect. And, that Mother Nature is his (our) teacher, inspiration. I delighted in watching this video ... and learning about Stonefox (Chuck Galvin). His outer milieu reflects his inner milieu.

  • LS

    To Dee and Debbie, You don't know everything about what went on in the past. First of all Dr Galvin fought the charges and even the Supreme Court thought it was ridiculous that the case even got that far and threw it out and therefore he was acquitted of all charges.Dr Galvin was supported by his thousands of clients and Consumer Affairs said they have never seen such an out pour of support or had so many letters in support of one individual in the history of consumer affairs,letters written singing the praises of this brilliant kind veterinarian. However, the veterinary board which is very "political" decided that they would not reinstate him. How the veterinary board can over rule the supreme court is beyond me. Dr Galvin is the kindest veterinarian I have ever worked for or with and I have worked for many over the years. His diagnostic skills absolutely beyond incredible! I have taken my owe pets to Dr G after other vets could not diagnose the issue I lived over 100 miles away at this point! Dr Galvin was always fixing what others could not...I think there was a sort of jealously too because he never charged much and he never turned anyone away! He is a wonderfully rare and caring human being. So judge not what you read on paper from people were/are out to get him (and there are) read him as you see him in this video this is who he really is and more. He has inspired many including myself that you can be a veterinarian and an artist.That creativity is the key in all things so you can think outside the box when necessary! I learned so much from him I use it even today. He will always be an inspiration it was privilege to work for him and with him.

  • Dee

    Debbie, I agree with you. I looked at the news article about Chuck Galvin, and it reports multiple charges of practicing veterinary medicine without license charges and animal cruelty by this man. Made me sick. I certainly would not trust my pets to his care after reading this article and reading more corroborating reports about his criminal behavior towards animals. I cannot abide people who are cruel to animals or practice medicine on them without a license. Would this site promote such criminal behavior if it involved children? This site should look into who they promote MUCH more carefully. Read at link

  • Kati

    Wonderful, wonderful. Made my day.

  • Debbie

    I was inspired by this video to learn more about Chuck Galvin. He seemed like an inspiration. But what I discovered online was a dark past and was very upsetting. Maybe we should be careful who we hold up to be our creative inspirations. I know we are all flawed, but what he was accused of makes me very cautious now. Read link below:

  • Carol

    What inspired you about this video? It made me smile and made me feel good inside.

  • Janet

    Thanks for this video - it reminds me that 'anything goes' as long as it brings pleasure and lightness - its so easy to trip up over 'it'll look silly' in a judging attitude, when actually 'it'll look silly' might be the finest thing that could happen ;)

  • Barbara

    I agree. What the world needs is more Chuck Galvin. He is a gift from God to the world. More precious than words can express.

  • Suzani

    A great example of why this trend to de-clutter and live in sparsity is boring, vacuous and doesn't inspire our imagination..carry on Chuck!

  • Cindy

    The world needs more Chuck Galvin!

  • Glennis Kirkey

    In this crazy frinetic world, we not only need to stop and smell the roses, but stop our whirlwind schedules and take a while to creative.

  • Diane

    Sparkles all around, inspire creativity for me....this is the place! The mood glasses are stellar, although the love is apparent in all, Chuck transforms the ordinary to the extraordinary....I love this!

  • Laurena

    Imagination comes from the infinite creativity of the soul. It is proof we are related to our Creator, Who is also Infinitily Creative. We are made in His/ Her/ Its image!

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