Often hip hop and rap music is seen as having a negative impact on people. In this video we see how this art form can be used as an instrument for positive change. Go Inspire Go brings us the story of Chad Harper and Johwell St. Cilien, two young men with dreams of fame that led them to helping others instead of promoting themselves. Harper and St. Cilien co-founded Kids Helping Kids: A Hip Hop Experience. In this after school program "We don't just teach humanity.... We help create young humanitarians." Each week the duo meet with kids from some of the toughest New York City schools. Their students search the internet for real, everyday heroes and together they create a hip hop music video celebrating that person and the good works he or she does. The resulting content is sold online to support schools in Haiti and the youth find better people to emulate than those they meet on the street, role models such as the heroes they celebrate and the men who guide them.


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  • Listen to the song Chad Harper wrote that inspired him to start Kids Helping Kids.
  • Check out some of the music videos created by the talented kids in the program.
  • Visit Go Inspire Go to learn about more everyday heroes from all over America.

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