A film by Prince Ea.

In Prince EA’s powerful spoken word poem, he apologizes to future generations for excuses made for the destruction of the environment. He envisions a world without trees, where the Amazon forest is now a bleak desert. Prince EA also highlights society’s emphasis on profit over people and greed above need, while calling out politicians and community leaders for ignoring the plights of pollution, climate change, and rising sea levels. His passion about conservation as a whole comes from time spent living in Africa and witnessing the connection that humanity has with nature. He calls for society to look to the root, not to the branches of governments or corporations, to fix the problem. In his own words, “If we don’t save the environment, we will be equally extinct.”


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  • Murray

    This is an amazing video and message. It should be passed on as we are all in this together. The past 2 months of global weather mayhem and natural disasters should be enough to wake up the global "leaders" who still ignore what is happening. It should be enough to wake up those profiting off the destruction of our natural environment. Alas, it will not be enough . . . . pass this message on . . . .

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