"All veterans have been taught to be responsible for the guy to your left and the guy to your right... We wouldn't leave someone behind on the battlefield. Why would we do it at home?" When Dale Beatty was injured in Iraq and lost both his legs, his community came together to build him a home. With gratitude, Beatty decided to pay his good fortune forward by leveling the playing field for any veteran who was disabled during military service, no matter how long ago. By galvanizing local support, Purple Heart Homes not only provides safe, accessible homes for veterans, they also help vets integrate better into their communities.


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  • Read more about Dale Beatty and his Purple Heart Homes partner, John Gallina, in Beatty's CNN Top 10 Hero profile.
  • Find out more about how Purple Heart Homes serves the specific needs of disabled veterans.
  • Is there a veteran in your community? Take time to listen to his or her story.

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