Do you know who made your clothes? And if you did, would that change your purchasing and consumption habits? People wants cheap clothing, but don't often consider who is paying the real price for fashion at a bargain. Take a look at how people at Alexanderplatz in Berlin reacted when they found out the conditions in which the 2 Euro t-shirt being offered in the vending machine was produced.


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  • Pallavi

    People definitely care but do companies care? Even when one buys at the proper prices do companies really pass down it to the workers? I doubt.

  • Renee

    Sadly, there are people out there who exploit the poor AND people who want a "deal" AND people who are a bit quixotic about to whom the donation will go. It's good to become aware of what conditions are for so many garment workers. People have to understand that if they want cheap clothes - they are supporting these conditions. If you want cheap - shop at thrift stores. If you want to buy American-made - the price will be higher. Manufacturers have to pay a wage commensurate with the economy in the USA so American-made will be more expensive. Vote for how you want to world to be with your dollars. Shop local if you want to support your community!

  • Joyce

    By not buying the t shirt you're depriving that person of their livelihood!

  • Linda

    I appreciate the "where does the money go?" comment. I find this revealing concept to be very effective in our 'buy at bargain price' society when given some instant enlightenment such as the video that accompanies the action to purchase these super inexpensive T-shirts.Is there more to this story about where the donations go? That would cement the idea in my mind.

  • Christin Harding

    I love this concept-it should apply to every single purchase we make-mindfulness. I would like to know, though, where does the money go? It just said 'donate', but to whom?

  • Tom O'Keefe

    I like this bit of guilt-ridden self-flagellation for all the wrong reasons. It foreshadows the West's own economic obsolescence and minimum wage enslavement. I suspect that someday very soon such lachrymose largesse and sympathy will be registered by Tunisia's (relatively) nouveau riche when they purchase a BMW assembled in Mauritania with parts from Uzbekistan and Mali. Coming events do cast their shadows...

  • Jon Madian

    Great theme that people care when they know and will donate rather than "buy". Very good story telling, too!!

  • maggie

    vote with your Dollar is why i always buy at hospital thrift stores

  • A

    People respond when they have information.

  • Gowtham

    This should be installed around the world..

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