Imagine being the parent of a child who may never walk because of their special needs and abilities but then being told that therapy would include horse-riding. Starting at two years old. Seems incredible, right? Cynthia Thomas, a physical therapist who works with horses and humans, says “There is a horse-human bond that can’t be equaled in this world and it can make a difference in many peoples lives.” This is definitely true for the Rozinsky’s. Meet their daughter, Samantha, now 8 years old. Meet too the horses and the horse therapists that had a hand in her development today. It IS pretty incredible.


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  • Abhijit Ghosh

    The immensity of the therapeutic benefits that the horses have on human lives across age levels.

  • Joyce

    Helping children thrive and live life as fully as possible. Yes, they can!!!!

  • Margo

    The goodness of people generally. The under rated value of animals. We owe them so much. On many occasions they show us the way. Love the heading. Humans. Horses. Hope. Beautiful. Thanks.

  • Patrick Perching Eagle

    Tsunka Wakan Oyate 🐴❤️

  • Cindy

    Wonderful to know about this therapy. Thankyou!

  • Deepak .

    Thank you . Amazing Therapy and empathy

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