This is the story of a little girl in search of love and acceptance. It is also a story of the damage caused by prejudice and ignorance. Matt and Heather were already raising two daughters when they received a text telling them about a healthy three year old girl who had been in hospital isolation for over a month. Lily had been abandoned at a train station when she was 1 1/2 years old. At 3 years old, following medical tests which revealed she was HIV+, she was relinquished by her foster family. Orphanages wouldn't take her. The hospital didn't know what to do with her. So she sat in limbo for 40 days. Three days after the text was sent Lily was home with Matt and Heather and their other children. While Matt had always thought about adopting or fostering a child, this had not been in Heather's plans. She now considers it a blessing. "Everyone has a different story when it comes to adoption.... I'm so grateful we didn't allow the fear to keep us from her."


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  • Dipendra

    Wow, the way it has been told with all its vulnerable feelings and anxiety but still the faith to keep going with adoption a child no one wants, touched my heart.

  • Michelle

    Beautiful. Thank you for your courage, your vulnerability, and your incredible hearts. To say yes and allow yourselves to be educated and grow so deeply is an inspiration. May it open up opportunities for many of children like Lily living with HIV

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