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What started as a mother/daughter art project has blossomed into a beautiful business that delights both customers and employees alike. Caring Couture began when mother Laurie Ruehlman wanted to spend more quality time with her daughter Payton, who has Down Syndrome. So, she bought some paint and silk scarves. Although Laurie knew Payton was talented, she couldn't believe how beautiful her daughter's painted scarf turned out to be. It wasn't long before Laurie turned this special pastime into a thriving business, Caring Couture. Now Laurie employs and empowers other special needs artists like her daughter, which not only changes their lives but society itself. "Our mission is to give as many opportunities to as many people with different-abilities as possible, change hearts and minds, inspire others to hire people with special needs, raise awareness and change lives, one accessory at a time."


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  • Learn more about the story and work of Caring Couture.
  • Watch the phenomenal story of Outsider Artist Judith Scott, for whom art was a primary language.
  • Spend time this week with someone who is differently-abled and help their unique gifts shine.

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