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Through the power of music, New York City actor Nate Lombardi has been able to help stop bullying in elementary schools all over the US. He founded Groovy Projects, an educational initiative incorporating music, rap and performance to empower elementary school students by showing them how being positive and creative can make life better for everyone. Students say they have discovered that they have unique talents they never knew they had, and schools report that their academic performance has also improved. Instead of bullying each other out of insecurity and fear, students are learning that there is strength in friendships formed while creating art together.


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  • Cindy

    Kudos to Nate Lombardi for starting this valuable project. Very impressive!

  • s

    Superb, love it to the core! Sharing with my son who is a music freak :)

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  • Learn more about the Groovy Projects and how the organization is empowering kids across the United States.
  • United Roots also uses music and the arts to educated and empower disenfranchised youth in Oakland, California.
  • Listen to a song on the radio next time you're driving and notice how it can lift you up. How can you use music in your own life to support positive change for others, especially kids?

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