A film by HooplaHa.

It is never too late to change your life and make a difference in the world in the process. Candyce, a woman in her 60s who is a mother and a former crack cocaine addict, found new hope through art while she was going through rehab. During rehab via Volunteers of America, she went to school, which allowed her to discover things about herself that she did not know she had in her. Through art, she was able to figure out a way to feel whole and complete without the use of drugs and to find something she is passionate about. She contributes her work to the Geezer Gallery, a gallery that provides artistic opportunities for older adults who want to be involved with art.


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  • Learn more about Volunteers of America and how you can get involved.
  • Check out Art Relief International and find out how you can volunteer with art therapy programs abroad.
  • Contact your local hospital to see what materials they need for their art therapy program. Consider holding a supply drive in your community.

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